Discover the Masterpiece Within You

Join Living Forward's Rewrite Your Reality Course - Your 90-Day Journey to Your True Identity and God-Designed Purpose

You were created for more than just going through the motions. It’s time to peel back the layers of doubt and uncover the vibrant, purpose-filled life you were meant to live. 

With personalized guidance rooted in Scripture, the "Rewrite Your Reality Program" is not just a course—it's a calling.

Discover the Riches Within: Total Program Value $4,997

The Guide to Your Transformation Journey

  • Unmask the Lies

  • Embrace God's Truth

  • Seek Truth in Scripture

  • Unveil Your God-Design

  • Purpose in Action

  • Unleash Spiritual Gifts

  • Transformation Blueprint

A Taste of the Steps to Your Freedom

Every step of the program will be unlocked on an optimal schedule, ensuring you fully benefit from each phase.

    1. Outcomes & Objectives: What and How

    2. Course Map

    3. How to use this course

    1. Where are you now?

    2. Floor Level: Why THIS Staircase

    1. Step 1 Course Map

    2. Step 1 Unmasking the Lies

    3. Step 1 Reflection & Activation

    4. Identifying Your Limiting Beliefs

    5. Overcoming Limiting Beliefs

    6. Common Limiting Beliefs

    7. Who I Am in Christ Scripture Declarations Page

    8. Zoom Meeting Link

    9. Quiz for Fun

    1. Step 2 Course Map

    2. Step 2: Embracing God's Truth About Who You Are

    3. Step 2 Reflection & Activation

    4. Reflections on Embracing God's Truth

    5. Daily Affirmations Calendar

    6. Affirmations Practice Guide

    7. Zoom Meeting Link

    1. Step 3 Course Map

    2. Step 3: Seeking Truth in Scripture

    3. Step 3 Reflection & Activation

    4. Study Guide for Key Bible Passages

    5. Application Exercises for Daily Life

    6. Zoom Meeting Link

    1. Step 4 Course Map

    2. Step 4: Unveiling Your Divine Design

    3. Step 4 Reflection & Activation

    4. Discovering Your Purpose and Impact: Email Outreach Exercise

    5. Personal Purpose Exploration

    6. Activating Your God-Given Calling

    7. Set Up Your Breakthrough 1:1

    8. Zoom Meeting Link

There are 7 steps, plus an introduction and wrap up that will spread out over 90 days for your optimal growth and empowerment.

  • $1,297.00

Countdown to Transformation: Your Journey Begins

Join us as the clock ticks down. Secure your spot in a community ready to grow, thrive, and transform.

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Exclusive Bonuses: Your Path to Your Identity and Purpose Enriched

These are yours as well, at no extra charge.

  • 90-Day Action Plan

    A biblically grounded, structured yet flexible roadmap tailored to your personal journey. Value: $ 300

  • Personal Strategy Call AND Prophetic Declaration Intensive Call

    Begin with a 30-minute session to set your intentions and goals. Later, enjoy a 30-minute one-on-one call to craft your personal scripture declarations. Value: $600

  • Lifetime Community Access

    Exclusive entry to our Private Online Community for support and resources, available 24/7. Value: Priceless!

Lives Transformed

Testimonies of Identity and Purpose Rediscovered

She is both a great listener and great communicator.


Faye helped me clarify my goals, both long and short term, and determine the next best steps all along the way. She is both a great listener and great communicator. I love the judgment-free zone she creates to help me achieve my goals. I feel valued and validated with Faye.

Helped me to understand my unique roles, strengths and calling in Christ.


Faye offered a little activity that she called “Value Proposition Statement”. This helped me to understand my unique roles, strengths and calling in Christ. She had such words of wisdom, a sweet smile, and a heart to help. It was easy to develop a friendship with Faye in just a short time. She helped me so much that day. Thank you Faye